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Don't blindly follow a narrative, its bad for you and its bad for crypto in general

I mostly lurk around here but I see a pattern repeating over and over again here and in multiple communities so I have to post. I'm just posting this here because I appreciate the fact that this sub is a place of free speech and maybe something productive can come out from this post, while bitcoin is just fucking censorship, memes and moon/lambo posts. If you don't agree, write in the comments why, instead of downvoting. You don't have to upvote either, but when you downvote you are killing the opportunity to have discussion. If you downvote or comment that I'm wrong without providing any counterpoints you are no better than the BTC maxis you despise.
In various communities I see a narrative being used to bring people in and making them follow something without thinking for themselves. In crypto I see this mostly in BTC vs BCH tribalistic arguments:
- BTC community: "Everything that is not BTC is shitcoin." or more recently as stated by adam on twitter, "Everything that is not BTC is a ponzi scheme, even ETH.", "what is ETH supply?", and even that they are doing this for "altruistic" reasons, to "protect" the newcomers. Very convenient for them that they are protecting the newcomers by having them buy their bags
- BCH community: "BTC maxis are dumb", "just increase block size and you will have truly p2p electronic cash", "It is just that simple, there are no trade offs", "if you don't agree with me you are a BTC maxi", "BCH is satoshi's vision for p2p electronic cash"
It is not exclusive to crypto but also politics, and you see this over and over again on twitter and on reddit.
My point is, that narratives are created so people don't have to think, they just choose a narrative that is easy to follow and makes sense for them, and stick with it. And people keep repeating these narratives to bring other people in, maybe by ignorance, because they truly believe it without questioning, or maybe by self interest, because they want to shill you their bags.
Because this is BCH community, and because bitcoin is censored, so I can't post there about the problems in the BTC narrative (some of which are IMO correctly identified by BCH community), I will stick with the narrative I see in the BCH community.
The culprit of this post was firstly this post by user u/scotty321 "The BTC Paradox: “A 1 MB blocksize enables poor people to run their own node!” “Okay, then what?” “Poor people won’t be able to use the network!”". You will see many posts of this kind being made by u/Egon_1 also. Then you have also this comment in that thread by u/fuck_____________1 saying that people that want to run their own nodes are retarded and that there is no reason to want to do that. "Just trust block explorer websites". And the post and comment were highly upvoted. Really? You really think that there is no problem in having just a few nodes on the network? And that the only thing that secures the network are miners?
As stated by user u/co1nsurf3r in that thread:
While I don't think that everybody needs to run a node, a full node does publish blocks it considers valid to other nodes. This does not amount to much if you only consider a single node in the network, but many "honest" full nodes in the network will reduce the probability of a valid block being withheld from the network by a collusion of "hostile" node operators.
But surely this will not get attention here, and will be downvoted by those people that promote the narrative that there is no trade off in increasing the blocksize and the people that don't see it are retarded or are btc maxis.
The only narrative I stick to and have been for many years now is that cryptocurrency takes power from the government and gives power to the individual, so you are not restricted to your economy as you can participate in the global economy. There is also the narrative of banking the bankless, which I hope will come true, but it is not a use case we are seeing right now.
Some people would argue that removing power from gov's is a bad thing, but you can't deny the fact that gov's can't control crypto (at least we would want them not to).
But, if you really want the individuals to remain in control of their money and transact with anyone in the world, the network needs to be very resistant to any kind of attacks. How can you have p2p electronic cash if your network just has a handful couple of nodes and the chinese gov can locate them and just block communication to them? I'm not saying that this is BCH case, I'm just refuting the fact that there is no value in running your own node. If you are relying on block explorers, the gov can just block the communication to the block explorer websites. Then what? Who will you trust to get chain information? The nodes needs to be decentralized so if you take one node down, many more can appear so it is hard to censor and you don't have few points of failure.
Right now BTC is focusing on that use case of being difficult to censor. But with that comes the problem that is very expensive to transact on the network, which breaks the purpose of anyone being able to participate. Obviously I do think that is also a major problem, and lightning network is awful right now and probably still years away of being usable, if it ever will. The best solution is up for debate, but thinking that you just have to increase the blocksize and there is no trade off is just naive or misleading. BCH is doing a good thing in trying to come with a solution that is inclusive and promotes cheap and fast transactions, but also don't forget centralization is a major concern and nothing to just shrug off.
Saying that "a 1 MB blocksize enables poor people to run their own" and that because of that "Poor people won’t be able to use the network" is a misrepresentation designed to promote a narrative. Because 1MB is not to allow "poor" people to run their node, it is to facilitate as many people to run a node to promote decentralization and avoid censorship.
Also an elephant in the room that you will not see being discussed in either BTC or BCH communities is that mining pools are heavily centralized. And I'm not talking about miners being mostly in china, but also that big pools control a lot of hashing power both in BTC and BCH, and that is terrible for the purpose of crypto.
Other projects are trying to solve that. Will they be successful? I don't know, I hope so, because I don't buy into any narrative. There are many challenges and I want to see crypto succeed as a whole. As always guys, DYOR and always question if you are not blindly following a narrative. I'm sure I will be called BTC maxi but maybe some people will find value in this. Don't trust guys that are always posting silly "gocha's" against the other "tribe".
EDIT: User u/ShadowOfHarbringer has pointed me to some threads that this has been discussed in the past and I will just put my take on them here for visibility, as I will be using this thread as a reference in future discussions I engage:
When there was only 2 nodes in the network, adding a third node increased redundancy and resiliency of the network as a whole in a significant way. When there is thousands of nodes in the network, adding yet another node only marginally increase the redundancy and resiliency of the network. So the question then becomes a matter of personal judgement of how much that added redundancy and resiliency is worth. For the absolutist, it is absolutely worth it and everyone on this planet should do their part.
What is the magical number of nodes that makes it counterproductive to add new nodes? Did he do any math? Does BCH achieve this holy grail safe number of nodes? Guess what, nobody knows at what number of nodes is starts to be marginally irrelevant to add new nodes. Even BTC today could still not have enough nodes to be safe. If you can't know for sure that you are safe, it is better to try to be safer than sorry. Thousands of nodes is still not enough, as I said, it is much cheaper to run a full node as it is to mine. If it costs millions in hash power to do a 51% attack on the block generation it means nothing if it costs less than $10k to run more nodes than there are in total in the network and cause havoc and slowing people from using the network. Or using bot farms to DDoS the 1000s of nodes in the network. Not all attacks are monetarily motivated. When you have governments with billions of dollars at their disposal and something that could threat their power they could do anything they could to stop people from using it, and the cheapest it is to do so the better
You should run a full node if you're a big business with e.g. >$100k/month in volume, or if you run a service that requires high fraud resistance and validation certainty for payments sent your way (e.g. an exchange). For most other users of Bitcoin, there's no good reason to run a full node unless you reel like it.
Shouldn't individuals benefit from fraud resistance too? Why just businesses?
Personally, I think it's a good idea to make sure that people can easily run a full node because they feel like it, and that it's desirable to keep full node resource requirements reasonable for an enthusiast/hobbyist whenever possible. This might seem to be at odds with the concept of making a worldwide digital cash system in which all transactions are validated by everybody, but after having done the math and some of the code myself, I believe that we should be able to have our cake and eat it too.
This is recurrent argument, but also no math provided, "just trust me I did the math"
The biggest reason individuals may want to run their own node is to increase their privacy. SPV wallets rely on others (nodes or ElectronX servers) who may learn their addresses.
It is a reason and valid one but not the biggest reason
If you do it for fun and experimental it good. If you do it for extra privacy it's ok. If you do it to help the network don't. You are just slowing down miners and exchanges.
Yes it will slow down the network, but that shows how people just don't get the the trade off they are doing
I will just copy/paste what Satoshi Nakamoto said in his own words. "The current system where every user is a network node is not the intended configuration for large scale. That would be like every Usenet user runs their own NNTP server."
Another "it is all or nothing argument" and quoting satoshi to try and prove their point. Just because every user doesn't need to be also a full node doesn't mean that there aren't serious risks for having few nodes
For this to have any importance in practice, all of the miners, all of the exchanges, all of the explorers and all of the economic nodes should go rogue all at once. Collude to change consensus. If you have a node you can detect this. It doesn't do much, because such a scenario is impossible in practice.
Not true because as I said, you can DDoS the current nodes or run more malicious nodes than that there currently are, because is cheap to do so
Non-mining nodes don't contribute to adding data to the blockchain ledger, but they do play a part in propagating transactions that aren't yet in blocks (the mempool). Bitcoin client implementations can have different validations for transactions they see outside of blocks and transactions they see inside of blocks; this allows for "soft forks" to add new types of transactions without completely breaking older clients (while a transaction is in the mempool, a node receiving a transaction that's a new/unknown type could drop it as not a valid transaction (not propagate it to its peers), but if that same transaction ends up in a block and that node receives the block, they accept the block (and the transaction in it) as valid (and therefore don't get left behind on the blockchain and become a fork). The participation in the mempool is a sort of "herd immunity" protection for the network, and it was a key talking point for the "User Activated Soft Fork" (UASF) around the time the Segregated Witness feature was trying to be added in. If a certain percentage of nodes updated their software to not propagate certain types of transactions (or not communicate with certain types of nodes), then they can control what gets into a block (someone wanting to get that sort of transaction into a block would need to communicate directly to a mining node, or communicate only through nodes that weren't blocking that sort of transaction) if a certain threshold of nodes adheres to those same validation rules. It's less specific than the influence on the blockchain data that mining nodes have, but it's definitely not nothing.
The first reasonable comment in that thread but is deep down there with only 1 upvote
The addition of non-mining nodes does not add to the efficiency of the network, but actually takes away from it because of the latency issue.
That is true and is actually a trade off you are making, sacrificing security to have scalability
The addition of non-mining nodes has little to no effect on security, since you only need to destroy mining ones to take down the network
It is true that if you destroy mining nodes you take down the network from producing new blocks (temporarily), even if you have a lot of non mining nodes. But, it still better than if you take down the mining nodes who are also the only full nodes. If the miners are not the only full nodes, at least you still have full nodes with the blockchain data so new miners can download it and join. If all the miners are also the full nodes and you take them down, where will you get all the past blockchain data to start mining again? Just pray that the miners that were taken down come back online at some point in the future?
The real limiting factor is ISP's: Imagine a situation where one service provider defrauds 4000 different nodes. Did the excessive amount of nodes help at all, when they have all been defrauded by the same service provider? If there are only 30 ISP's in the world, how many nodes do we REALLY need?
You cant defraud if the connection is encrypted. Use TOR for example, it is hard for ISP's to know what you are doing.
Satoshi specifically said in the white paper that after a certain point, number of nodes needed plateaus, meaning after a certain point, adding more nodes is actually counterintuitive, which we also demonstrated. (the latency issue). So, we have adequately demonstrated why running non-mining nodes does not add additional value or security to the network.
Again, what is the number of nodes that makes it counterproductive? Did he do any math?
There's also the matter of economically significant nodes and the role they play in consensus. Sure, nobody cares about your average joe's "full node" where he is "keeping his own ledger to keep the miners honest", as it has no significance to the economy and the miners couldn't give a damn about it. However, if say some major exchanges got together to protest a miner activated fork, they would have some protest power against that fork because many people use their service. Of course, there still needs to be miners running on said "protest fork" to keep the chain running, but miners do follow the money and if they got caught mining a fork that none of the major exchanges were trading, they could be coaxed over to said "protest fork".
In consensus, what matters about nodes is only the number, economical power of the node doesn't mean nothing, the protocol doesn't see the net worth of the individual or organization running that node.
Running a full node that is not mining and not involved is spending or receiving payments is of very little use. It helps to make sure network traffic is broadcast, and is another copy of the blockchain, but that is all (and is probably not needed in a healthy coin with many other nodes)
He gets it right (broadcasting transaction and keeping a copy of the blockchain) but he dismisses the importance of it
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A Brief History of BitCoin

A Brief History of BitCoin

What is Bitcoin? | How It Work?

A Brief History of BitCoin

The virtual currency was intended to develop peer-to-peer transactions; it doesn’t need a go-between, the exchange of private information, or transaction fees.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is virtual money or cryptocurrency, that’s measured by a decentralized network of operators and isn’t straight subject to the impulses of central banking decisions or national governments. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in lively use today, Bitcoin is through far the most general and widely used – the nearby cryptocurrency equal to traditional, state-minted coins.

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency since it’s supported by source code that customs highly composite procedures to prevent illegal duplication or creation of Bitcoin elements. The code’s fundamental principles, known as cryptography, are based on innovative scientific and computer engineering values. It’s practically impossible to stop Bitcoin’s source code and operate the currency’s supply.
Though it was headed by other virtual coins, Bitcoin is identified as the first modern cryptocurrency. That’s since Bitcoin is the initial to blend some key structures shared by most after created cryptocurrencies.

User Anonymity

Intense privacy safeties are seared into Bitcoin’s source code. The method is intended to openly record Bitcoin dealings and other related data without revealing the individuality of the groups involved. As a substitute, Bitcoin users are recognized by public keys or numerical codes that find them to additional users, and occasionally pseudonymous handles or usernames.

Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges permit users to change Bitcoin parts for authorization currencies, such as the U.S. dollar and euro, at flexible exchange charges. Many Bitcoin relations also exchange Bitcoin components for other cryptocurrencies, with less popular substitutes that can’t straight be replaced for fiat coins. Most Bitcoin exchanges take a cut, naturally less than 1%, of each deal’s value.
Bitcoin exchanges certify that the Bitcoin market leftovers liquid, set their value qualified to traditional money – and allowing pouches to profit from the assumption on variations in that value.


Bitcoin’s blockchain is dynamic to its function. The blockchain is a public, spread record of all prior Bitcoin communications, which are kept in collections known as blocks. Each node of Bitcoin’s network – the server farms and positions, run by individuals or sets known as miners, whose hard work to produce new Bitcoin elements product in the recording and verification of Bitcoin dealings, and the episodic creation of new blocks – holds an identical record of Bitcoin’s blockchain.
Private Keys
Every Bitcoin handler has at smallest one private key, which is an entire number between 1 and 78 numbers in length. Separate users can have many unnamed handles, each with its private key. Private keys approve their owners’ characters and permit them to occupy or receive Bitcoin. Without them, handlers can’t whole transactions – they can’t access their properties until they improve the matching key. When a key is misplaced for good, the matching holdings change into a sort of everlasting limbo and can’t be improved.


Real Bitcoin units are kept in “wallets” – secure cloud storing locations with superior information approving their owners (Bitcoin users) as the protectors of the Bitcoin units controlled within. However wallets like Coinbase, in theory, defend against the stealing of Bitcoin elements that aren’t currently being used, they’re exposed to hacking – mainly public wallets used by Bitcoin connections, online marketplaces, and specific websites that occur exclusively to store Bitcoin wallets known as “wallet services.”
Miners play an important role in the Bitcoin environment. As guards of the blockchain, they save the entire Bitcoin community truthful and indirectly provide the currency’s value. Miners are entities or cooperative governments with access to influential computers, often kept at remote, secretly owned “farms.” They do incredibly complex scientific tasks to new Bitcoin, which they then keep or change for fiat currency.

Modes of Bitcoin

  • Theft Private Keys.
  • Misusing Wallet Vulnerabilities
  • Functioning Fraudulent Exchanges and Savings Funds.
  • Attacking Authentic Exchanges Directly.
  • Aggressive Dark Web Marketplaces.

How to Get Bitcoin

There are three key ways people get Bitcoins.
  • You can purchase Bitcoins using ‘real’ money.
  • You can retail things and let persons pay with Bitcoins.
  • Developed using a computer.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin

  • Better Fluidity Comparative to Other currencies
  • Increasing the payment method
  • Worldwide Transactions Easier Than Even Currencies
  • Usually Lower Transaction Charges
  • Secrecy and Privacy Relative to Old Currencies
  • Individuality from Politically aware Agents and Creators
  • In-built Shortage

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin

  • Exposure to Bitcoin-specific Tricks and Fraud
  • Black Market Motion May Damage Repute and Usefulness
  • Vulnerable to High Price Instability
  • No Chargebacks or Repayments
  • Possible to Be Replaced by Greater Cryptocurrency
  • Environmental Ills of Bitcoin Mining
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[Updated Jan 2020] How many Irish Subs are there really?

The first time I made this post I had uncovered 500+ Irish related subs on reddit, from the abandoned to the large. This was some time in 2016ish and I have continued to try and track as many new subs as I can.
Below is the updated list, again including some of the Discord Servers & useful other external links (although not counted) and the count stands at 710 plus some redirects/banned subs/karma farms. I have also continued to included some of the North American Subs that could be mistaken for Irish just for information.
As you can see from the notations many, many of them are inactive but it's more about finding as many of them as possible than anything else.
If anyone knows of, or can find, new ones not listed below, throw them in the comments and I'll add them to the list. A rich vein of new ones continue to be towns etc, people from Ireland (bands etc) and products.
To any owners of Discords that appear on this list or not, let me know of perma invitation links as I know some of the below have expired but I'd rather have them as reminders/ place holders than not.
To anyone who owns a sub...put a description in the bleedin' sidebar! (Growing is easier if people don't have to guess what the sub is for)
If you find a sub you might like to resurrect you can head over the /redditrequest and request to take it over. See their sidebar for full rules and process.
(P) = Currently Private Sub
(O) = Out of Use
(m) = Authors Notation
(NI) = Northern Ireland
(R) = Redirects

Visiting & Moving to Ireland

Also see ‘Hobbies & Interests’ and ‘Locations’ below.
General Discords

Irish Language/ As Gaeilge Subs

History & Heritage

Media, Music & Art

Media Discussion
News Subs
Media Creatives
Underground Film & Music
Art, Design & Visual

IT, Developers & Tech

Data & Crypto
PC Parts
  • See below


Womens Issues


Health & Well-being Issues

Education Subs

Second Level
Third Level
Clubs/ Societies & College Interests

Political Parties/ Discussion

State Institutions
Political Issues
Political Satire
Pol Discords

Model Government & Related Subs

Model Houses & Parties
Model Media
Model Meta & Misc

Religion & Religious Issues


Fans Subs
Other Sports


Legal, Financial & Property

** Legal System**
Community Assistance
Bargains & For Sale
Earn Credit



Hobbies & Interests

Drug Culture
Board Gaming
Computer Gaming
Tech Interests
Food & Drink
Dating & Social Groups
Outdoor Activities
Weapons Enthusiasts
Fun Subs
Fun Discords
Places to Moan
Fandom Subs
Celtic Subs
NSFW Adulty Subs
Meta & Alternative Ireland Subs
Misc Defunct/ Unknown Content

Ireland not local enough for ya? Subscribe to:


Cities/ Towns/ Townlands
Northern Ireland
Ex-Pat Communities
Location Based Discords


Not Irish Subs

  • Irish Subs Count: 710 + 9
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Easily generate income online | UNIEX

Easily generate income online | UNIEX
Dear as they are, I hope well. In this post I come to bring a very practical tool which allows the deposit of money in the form of cryptocurrencies passively and from the comfort of your homes. Before starting I want to clarify that I am not coming to bring you any lies in which you are going to have to download programs or do strange things, this is totally simple and it works. Nor do I come to tell you that they will be able to earn 50 or 100 dollars in a day or a week, since there is no such tool. There is no easy way to earn that much money (at least for normal people like me). I also clarify that you have not yet obtained the benefit of the page since I have just started. But in what I take time I did not find any problem or any reason how to stop using it. Clarified everything we begin:

What is UNIEX?

In simple words, uniex is a cloud mining system. Many wonder what is cloud "mining"? Those who know about cryptocurrencies will know what it is about. For newcomers (like me) cloud mining is the financial exchange of the future to which I have great faith. Since approximately 2012, the cryptocurrency was created every day and every year that passes, it has gained more strength and monetary value. Besides that it is a tool that skips all the policies or everything that has to do with the financial systems of the banks, being able to do what you want with your virtual money without explaining it to anyone.
In this post I am going to show you quickly how passive income can be generated. UNIEX is a page where you can invest to accelerate income, EYE, I am not telling you to invest, since virtual currencies fluctuate greatly and change value constantly. Although most cases are on the rise. If they do not invest they can have the same income, later we will see how much.


The first thing that I am going to leave you is the referral link of mine, so that you enter the page and can have USD 3 free to start reaping your cryptocurrencies passively


Once entered there are those who have a screen like this:
In which they will only have to create one user. Once created, you can use the 3 free dollars they give you.
In this case with those three dollars you can start accumulating DOGECOIN as we see in the image.
To start farming cryptocurrencies we follow the following steps:

1st step: On the main page, press START EXTRACTION
2nd step: We click on MINING
3rd step: We will see the screen as the image shows. We locate DOGECOIN and we will see that it is at 0%, that is, it is not accumulating the currency. We click on the meter and fill it 100% to start harvesting.
And that's all there is to it in order to start collecting cryptocurrencies. But now comes the most important and what interests us all:

How much do we earn with this method?

In the previous image you can see that I already have accumulated 2.63353423 DOGE. How much money is that? Well on the page you can go to the virtual currency converter and it gives the following.
At that time you have managed to accumulate $ 0.0069, in approximately 2 hours. You will say "But that is nothing", the truth is that it is nothing. But this page works constantly, you can close it, turn off the PC, whatever you want. But they will continue to accumulate cryptocurrencies. Look at the following image:
On the right side we can see how many DOGECOIN we can obtain per hour, per day, per month and even per year.
Look at how much you would earn per month:
In a month, without even entering the page we can passively earn up to USD 2,7025. And without doing anything difficult, just create an account and set collection 100%

How do I withdraw the money?

To see how much money we have we go to the "Balance" or "Balance" tab located below where it says "LIVE", depending on what language they have.
Once there you will see the following image:
In A we choose the DOGECOIN currency and then click B to exchange for dollars. A field will appear in C to complete with the amount of DOGECOIN we want to change to obtain the respective dollars. If I am not mistaken the minimum amount of dollars that we can change is USD 0.1, so we will need approximately 38 DOGECOINS.
Once changed to dollars we see the following image:
Following the order, in A we choose the currency, in this case in dollars, (I don't have anything because I still hadn't changed it). In B we press WITHDRAW, and the screen C will appear, which indicates the two pages through which we can transfer the dollars, PERFECT MONEY and PAYEER. The minimum amount of dollars that can be withdrawn is USD 2.5, which is not much. Let's say every 1 month we can withdraw dollars. Or use them to invest which I explain later.
For example, I put how it would be from payeer:

We can see in the first tab that tells us how many dollars we have (in this case 0) and then it can be transferred to your bank account. I can not put images of this since I have not been able to remove anything yet, but I can hardly make another post. To withdraw you just have to copy the ID shown above and paste it where it says "specify bag number" in the image above in the letter C.

Is there any way to speed up the collection of cryptocurrencies?

Yes, there are. Previously he had commented that on this page you could invest. I emphasize, you can invest but it is not an obligation, and you have to take all the precautions, cryptocurrencies change value constantly. So this is up to you and your responsibility.
To invest we go to the BUY THE POWER tab:
The following screen will appear:
Following the order of the letters they choose SCRYPT since we will start investing in DOGECOIN which is what we earn. Later when we have more money we can invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are the currencies with the highest value in the cryptocurrency market today. In window B we will see the price in dollars to increase the speed and below we see the current speed. In C we choose the currency with which we are going to invest and then pressing BUY THE POWER we will obtain the increase of the collection.
To finish, when we invest, another interesting thing is enabled, which is a "roulette" in which we can win prizes such as bitcoins, or increased collection power for any currency. To see this press the gift that is on the left of the screen:
Una vez presionemos el boton Lets Play veremos algo así:
In A we will see our balance of Points. These points are obtained by investing money in BUY THE POWER previously explained. Logically the more we invest the more points they give us. We can bet these points on 1, 10 or 100 as shown in B. With their respective rewards shown in C. In the image the 10 point bet is selected. And the rewards are 0.1 Bitcoin which is a significant sum (almost USD1000) or 0.002 Bitcoin which is equivalent to USD 20 or force of power to increase the collection. There is always something to be gained and that is good because it will help us to accelerate the profit of money. If we select to bet 1 point we will get lower rewards, and when selecting 100 points the rewards are even greater.
Well to finish I wanted to tell you what is that tab that says LIVE in the upper left of the screen. If we press there we will have access to 3 cameras. Which two of them point to the "servers" of UNIEX and the third camera points to a television which indicates the extractions that are being carried out (I do not post screenshots because just then they did not work, but believe me they work). And all in real time, very good the truth. This indicates seriousness and gives confidence to the user for the page.
Well I hope I have been as clear as possible and have not left doubts. When I can withdraw I will add another post. I hope it works for you and you like it, and remember to be patient, something is not accomplished overnight.
Thank you.
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I literally have tens of thousands of dollars in top-shelf hardware, looking to repurpose some before selling on eBay to build a NAS system, possibly a dedicated firewall device as well. o_O

Q1) What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**

A1) This will be a dedicated NAS system for my home network. As such, I'm looking to have it:

- Host ##TB's of 720, 1080 & up resolution Movies and TV Shows I'm about to begin ripping from a MASSIVE DVD & Blueray collection I have.

- My kids are big on Minecraft. I understand it's possible to host your own "worlds" (or whatever they call the maps you can build) on your own "server". I think it would be pretty neat to offer them (& their friends - if can be done 'safely/securely') their own partition on one of my NAS HDD's.

- I also have accounts with a couple diff VPN companies... I understand it's possible (?) to sync said VPN's with a NAS, this might be a more relative topic on the next point/purpose...

- I'd like to be able to remotely link to this NAS for when I travel overseas and want to stream at my temp location from my house/this NAS.
Q2) What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**

* A2) Here's where I make matters more complicated than most others would... I've been an advocate for Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general since 2013. I invested in a small mining outfit back in 2014 (strictly Bitcoin/ASIC's). One of my buddies is the President of a large-scale mining operation (foreign and domestic) and he convinced me to dabble in the GPU mining-space. I made my first hardware purchase in Q4, 2017 and launched a small-scale GPU-Farm in my house since then. I had the rigs mining up until Q3 of 2018 (not cost-efficient to keep on, especially living in SoFlo) and since then, the hardware's been collecting dust (& pissing off my family members since they lost access to 3X rooms in the house - I won't let anyone go near my gear). One of my New Years Resolutions for 2019 was to clear out the house of all my mining equipment so that's all about to go up on eBay. So "budget" is relative to whatever I "MUST" spend if I can't repurpose any of the parts I already have on hand for this build... (Anyone having something I "need" and is looking to barter for one of the items I'll list later on in here, LMK).
Q3) When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**

Q4) What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**

A4) Well I had a half-assed idea approximately 1 year ago that it might be wise to build a bunch of 'gaming rigs' to sell on eBay with my intended repurposed mining hardware so I went on a shopping spree for like 6 months. That said; I've got a plethora of various other components that aren't even unboxed yet. 90% of the items I've purchased for this additional project were items that were marked down via MIR (mail-in-rebates) & what-not...
AFAIK, there are only 3X items I absolutely do not have which I 'MUST' find. Those would be - 1) Motherboard which accepts "ECC RAM". 2) CPU for said MOBO. 3) Said "ECC RAM".\* 
Q5) Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**

A5) I'm located in Southwest Florida. No Microcenter's here. Best Buy is pretty much my only option although I am a member of Newegg, Amazon & Costco if that makes any difference?
Q6) If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**

A6) In an attempt to better clean up this Q&A, I'm going to list the items I have on-hand at the end of this questionnaire in-case passers-by feel like this might be a TLDR.* (Scroll to the bottom & you'll see what I mean).
Q7) Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**

A7) I don't think that's necessary for my intended purpose although - I'm not against it if that helps & FWIW, I'm pretty skilled @ this task already (it's not rocket science).
Q8) Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**

A8) As stated in A4; ECC RAM is non-negotiable... RAID seems like a logical application here as well.

- This will predominantly be receiving commands from MacOS computers. I don't think that matters really but figured it couldn't hurt to let you guys know.\*

- I'd also be quite fond of implementing "PFSENSE" (or something of that caliber) applied to this system so I could give my Netgear Nighthawks less stress in that arena, plus my limited understanding of PFSENSE is that it's ability to act as a firewall runs circles around anything that comes with consumer-grade Wi-Fi routers (like my Nighthawks). Just the same, I'm open to building a second rig just for the firewall.\*

- Another desirable feature would be that it draws as little electricity from the wall as possible. (I'm EXTREMELY skilled in this arena. I have "Kill-A-Watts" to test/gauge on, as well as an intimate understanding of the differences between Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium rated PSU's. As well as having already measured each of the PSU's I have on-hand and taken note of the 'target TDP draw' ("Peak Power Efficiency Draw") each one offers when primed with X amount of GPU's when I used them for their original purpose.\*

- Last, but not least, sound (as in noise created from the rig). I'd like to prop this device up on my entertainment center in the living room. I've (almost) all of the top-shelf consumer grade products one could dream of regarding fans and other thermal-related artifacts.

- Almost forgot; this will be hosting to devices on the KODI platform (unless you guys have better alternative suggestions?)
Q9) Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**

A9) Definitely! Desired theme would be WHITE. If that doesn't work for whatever reason, black or gray would suffice. Regarding "Case Size". Nah, that's not too important although I don't foresee a mini-ITX build making sense if I'm going to be cramming double digit amounts of TB in the system, Internal HDD's sounds better than a bunch of externals plugged in all the USB ports.
Q10) Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**

A10) I don't know. If I do need a copy of Windows, I don't have one so that's something I'll have to consider I guess. I doubt that's a necessity though.
**Extra info or particulars:*\*

AND NOW TO THE FUN-STUFF... Here's a list of everything (PARTS PARTS PARTS) I have on-hand and ready to deploy into the wild &/or negotiate a trade/barter with:

Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 Arctic White (Model# Crypto-Currency-9011048-WW) - (Probably my top pick for this build).
Cooler Master HAF XB EVO (This is probably my top 1st or 2nd pick for this build, the thing is a monster!).
Cooler Master Elite 130 - Mini ITX - Black
Cooler Master MasterBox 5 MID-Tower - Black & White
Raidmax Sigma-TWS - ATX - White
MasterBox Lite 5 - ATX - Black w/ diff. Colored accent attachments (included with purchase)
NZXT S340 Elite Matte White Steel/Tempered Glass Edition
EVGA DG-76 Alpine White - Mid Tower w/ window
EVGA DG-73 Black - Mid Tower w/ window (I have like 3 of these)

CPU's -
***7TH GEN OR BELOW INTEL's ("Code Name Class mentioned next to each one)**\*
Pentium G4400 (Skylake @54W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "ECC CAPABLE"
Celeron G3930 (Kaby Lake @ 51W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "ECC CAPABLE" :)
i5 6402P (Skylake @65W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(
i5 6600k (Skylake @ 91W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(
i7 6700 (Skylake @ 65W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(
i7 7700k (Kaby Lake @ 95W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(

***8TH GEN INTEL's **\*
i3-8350K (Coffee Lake @91W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "ECC FRIENDLY" :)
I5-8600K (Coffee Lake @95W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(

***AMD RYZEN's **\*
Ryzen 3 2200G
Ryzen 5 1600
Ryzen 7 1700X


EVGA Z270 Stinger

GIGABYTE Z370XP SLI (Rev. 1.0)



Way too many to list, nothing but 4 & 8GB DDR4 sticks and unfortunately, none are ECC so it's not even worth mentioning/listing these unless someone reading this is willing to barter. At which time I'd be obliged to send an itemized list or see if I have what they're/you're specifically looking for.\*
BeQuiet -
Pure Wings 2 (80mm)
Pure Wings 2 (120mm)
Pure Wings 2 (140mm)
Silent Wings 3 PWM (120mm)

PoopBrown - NF-A20 PWM (200mm) Specifically for the BIG "CoolerMaster HAF XB EVO" Case
GREY - NF-P12 Redux - 1700RPM (120mm) PWM
Corsair -
Air Series AF120LED (120mm)

NT-HH 1.4ml Thermal Compound
NH-D15 6 Heatpipe system (this thing is the tits)

EVGA (Extremely crappy coding in the software here, I'm like 99.99% these will be problematic if I were to try and use in any OS outside of Windows, because they barely ever work in the intended Windows as it is).
CLC 240 (240mm Water-cooled system
Cryorig C7 Cu (Low-Profile Copper Edition*)

A few other oversized CPU cooling systems I forget off the top of my head but a CPU cooler is a CPU cooler after comparing to the previous 3 models I mentioned.
I almost exclusively am using these amazing "Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pads" as an alternative to thermal paste for my CPU's. They're not cheap but they literally last forever.

NZXT - Sentry Mesh Fan Controller
BeQuiet 550W Straight Power 11 (GOLD)

750P2 (750W, Platinum)
850P2 (850W, Platinum)
750T2 (750W, TITANIUM - yeah baby, yeah)

Quark 750W Platinum
Quark 650W Platinum

Focus 750W Platinum
HGST Ultrastar 3TB - 64mb Cache - 7200RPM Sata III (3.5)
4X Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD's
2X Team Group L5 LITE 3D 2.5" SSD's 480GB
2X WD 10TB Essential EXT (I'm cool with shucking)
+ 6X various other external HDD's (from 4-8TB) - (Seagate, WD & G-Drives)

Other accessories worth mentioning -
PCI-E to 4X USB hub-adapter (I have a dozen or so of these - might not be sufficient enough &/or needed but again, 'worth mentioning' in case I somehow ever run out of SATA & USB ports and have extra external USB HDD's. Although, I'm sure there would be better suited components if I get to that point that probably won't cost all that much).
Needless to say, I have at least 1X of everything mentioned above. In most all cases, I have multiples of these items but obviously won't be needing 2X CPU's, Cases, etc...

Naturally, I have GPU's. Specifically;

At least 1X of every. Single. NVIDIA GTX 1070 TI (Yes, I have every variation of the 1070 ti made by MSI, EVGA and Zotac. The only brand I don't have is the Gigabyte line. My partners have terrible experience with those so I didn't even bother. I'm clearly not going to be needing a GPU for this build but again, I'm cool with discussing the idea of a barter if anyone reading this is in the market for one.

I also have some GTX 1080 TI's but those are already spoken for, sorry.

It's my understanding that select CPU's I have on this list are ECC Friendly and AFAIK, only 1 of my MOBO's claims to be ECC Friendly (The ASROCK AB350M PRO4), but for the life of me, I can't find any corresponding forums that confirm this and/or direct me to a listing where I can buy compatible RAM. Just the same, if I go w/ the ASROCK MOBO, that means I'd be using one of the Ryzens. Those are DEF. power hungry little buggers. Not a deal-breaker, just hoping to find something a little more conservative in terms of TDP.

In closing, I don't really need someone to hold my hand with the build part as much as figuring out which motherboard, CPU and RAM to get. Then I'm DEFINITELY going to need some guidance on what OS is best for my desired purpose. If building 2X Rigs makes sense, I'm totally open to that as well...

Oh, I almost forgot... The current routers I'm using are...
1X Netgear Nighthawk 6900P (Modem + Router)
1X Netgear Nighthawk X6S (AC 4000 I believe - Router dedicated towards my personal devices - no IoT &/or Guests allowed on this one)
1X TP-Link Archer C5 (Router). Total overkill after implementing the Nighthawks but this old beast somehow has the best range, plus it has 2X USB ports so for now, it's dedicated towards my IoT devices.
---- I also have a few other Wi-Fi routers (Apple Airport Extreme & some inferior Netgear's but I can only allocate so many WiFi Routers to so many WiFi channels w/out pissing off my neighbors) On that note, I have managed to convince my neighbors to let me in their house/WiFi configuration so we all have our hardware locked on specific, non-competing frequencies/channels so everyone's happy. :)

Please spare me the insults as I insulted myself throughout this entire venture. Part of why I did this was because when I was a kid, I used to fantasize about building a 'DREAM PC' but could never afford such. To compensate for this deficiency, I would actually print out the latest and greatest hardware components on a word document, print the lists up & tape to wall (for motivation). I was C++ certified at the age of 14 and built my first PC when I was 7. At the age of 15 I abandoned all hope in the sector and moved on to other aspirations. This entire ordeal was largely based off me finally fulfilling a childhood fantasy. On that note = mission accomplished. Now if I'm actually able to fulfill my desires on this post, I'm definitely going to feel less shitty about blowing so much money on all this stuff over the last couple years.

TIA for assisting in any way possible. Gotta love the internets!


EDIT/UPDATE (5 hours after OP) - My inbox is being inundated with various people asking for prices and other reasonable questions about my hardware being up for sale. Not to be redundant but rather to expound on my previous remarks about 'being interested in a bartetrade' with any of you here...

I did say I was going to sell my gear on eBay in the near future, I also said I wanted to trade/barter for anything relative to helping me accomplish my OP's mission(s). I'm not desperate for the $$$ but I'm also not one of those people that likes to rip other people off. That said; I value my time and money invested in this hardware and I'm only willing to unload it all once I've established I have ZERO need for any of it here in my home first. Hence my writing this lengthy thread in an attempt to repurpose at least a grand or two I've already spent.

One of the most commonly asked questions I anticipate receiving from interested bodies is going to be "How hard were you on your hardware?" Contrary to what anyone else would have probably done in my scenario which is say they were light on it whether they were or weren't, I documented my handling of the hardware, and have no problem sharing such documentation with verified, interested buyers (WHEN THE TIME COMES) to offer you guys peace of mind.

I have photo's and video's of the venture from A-Z. I am also obliged to provide (redacted) electricity bill statements where you can correlate my photo's (power draw on each rig), and also accurately deduct the excess power my house consumed with our other household appliances. Even taking into consideration how much (more) I spent in electricity from keeping my house at a constant, cool 70-72F year-round (via my Nest thermostat). Even without the rigs, I keep my AC @ 70 when I'm home and for the last 1.5-2 years, I just so happened to spend 85% of my time here at my house. When I would travel, I'd keep it at 72 for my wife & kids.
Additionally; I had each GPU 'custom' oveunderclocke'd (MSI Afterburner for all GPU's but the EVGA's).*
I doubt everyone reading this is aware so this is for those that don't.... EVGA had the brilliant idea of implementing what they call "ICX technology" in their latest NVIDIA GTX GPU's. The short(est) explanation of this "feature" goes as follows:

EVGA GPU's w/ "ICX 9 & above" have EXTRA HEAT/THERMAL SENSORS. Unlike every other GTX 1070 ti on the market, the one's with this feature actually have each of 2/2 on-board fans connected to individual thermal sensors. Which means - if you were to use the MSI Afterburner program on one of these EVGA's and create a custom fan curve for it, you'd only be able to get 1/2 of the fans to function the way intended. The other fan simply would not engage as the MSI Afterburner software wasn't designed/coded to recognize/ communicate with an added sensor (let alone sensor'S). This, in-turn, would likely result in whoever's using it the unintended way having a GPU defect on them within the first few months I'd imagine... Perhaps if they had the TDP power settings dumbed down as much as I did (60-63%), they might get a year or two out of it since it wouldn't run as near as hot, but I doubt any longer than that since cutting off 50% of the cooling system on one of these can't be ignored too long, surely capacitors would start to blow and who knows what else...
(Warning = RANT) Another interesting side-note about the EVGA's and their "Precision-X" OveUnderclocking software is that it's designed to only recognize 4X GPU's on a single system. For miners, that's just not cool. My favorite builds had 8X and for the motherboards that weren't capable of maintaining stable sessions on 8, I set up with 6X. Only my EVGA Rigs had 3 or 4X GPU's dedicated to a single motherboard. Furthermore, and as stated in an earlier paragraph, (& this is just my opinion) = EVGA SOFTWARE SUCKS! Precision X wasn't friendly with every motherboard/CPU I threw at it and their extension software for the CLC Close-Loop-Cooling/ CPU water-coolers simply didn't work on anything, even integrating into their own Precision-X software. The amount of time it took me to finally find compatible matches with that stuff was beyond maddening. (END RANT).
Which leads me to my other comments on the matter. That's what I had every single 1070 ti set at for TDP = 60-63%. Dropping the power load that much allowed me to bring down (on average) each 1070 ti to a constant 110-115W (mind you, this is only possible w/ "Titanium" rated PSU's, Platinum comes pretty damn close to the Titanium though) while mining Ethereum and was still able to maintain a bottom of 30 MH/s and a ceiling of 32 MH/s. Increasing the TDP to 80, 90, 100% or more only increased my hashrates (yields) negligibly, like 35-36 MH/s TOPS, which also meant each one was not only pulling 160-180W+ (Vs. the aforementioned 115'ish range), it also meant my rigs were creating a significantly greater amount of heat! Fortunately for the GPU's and my own personal habits, I live in South Florida where it's hot as balls typically, last winter was nothing like this one. Increasing my yields by 10-15% didn't justify increasing the heat production in my house by >30%, nor the added electricity costs from subjecting my AC handlers to that much of an extra work-load. For anyone reading this that doesn't know/understand what I'm talking about - after spending no less than 2-3 hours with each. and. every. one. I didn't play with the settings on just one and universally apply the settings to the rest. I found the 'prime' settings and documented them with a label-maker and notepad. Here's the math in a more transparent manner:

*** I NEVER LET MY GPU's BREACH 61C, EVER. Only my 8X GPU rigs saw 60-61 & it was the ones I had in the center of the build (naturally). I have REALLY high power fans (used on BTC ASIC MINERS) that were sucking air from those GPU's which was the only way I was able to obtain such stellar results while mining with them. **\*
Mining at "acceptable" heat temps (not acceptable to me, but most of the internet would disagree = 70C) and overclocking accordingly brings in X amount of yields per unit. =
'Tweaking' (underclocking) the GPU's to my parameters reduced my yield per unit from -10-15%, but it SAVED me well over 30-35% in direct electricity consumption, and an unknown amount of passive electricity consumption via creating approximately 20%+ less heat for my AC handler to combat.

I say all this extra stuff not just for anyone interested in mining with their GPU's, but really to answer (in-depth) the apparent questions you people are asking me in PM's. Something else that should help justify my claims of being so conservative should be the fact I only have/used "Platinum and Titanium" rated PSU's. Heat production, power efficiency and longevity of the hardware were ALWAYS my top priority.* . I truly thought Crypto would continue to gain and/or recover and bounce back faster than it did. If this project had maintained positive income for 12 months+, I'd have expanded one of our sites to also cater to GPU mining on a gnarly scale.

Once I have my NAS (& possibly 2nd rig for the firewall) successfully built, I'll be willing/able to entertain selling you guys some/all of the remaining hardware prior to launching on eBay. If there's something you're specifically looking for that I listed having, feel free to PM me with that/those specific item(s). Don't count on an immediate response but what you can count on is me honoring my word in offering whoever asks first right of refusal when the time comes for me to sell this stuff. Fortunately for me, PM's are time-stamped so that's how I'll gauge everyone's place in line. I hope this extra edit answers most of the questions you guys wanted to have answered and if not, sorry I guess. I'll do my best to bring light to anything I've missed out on after I realize whatever that error was/is. The only way anyone is getting first dibs on my hardware otherwise is if they either offer compelling insight into my original questions, or have something I need to trade w/.

THE END (Round#2)

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Seasteading Economic Opportunities Overview

Original post:
This is an attempt to start a conversation about different means of making a living while seasteading. From chatter online, I've heard many of the same intended sources of income: bitcoin and other crypto mining, playing the stock market, tourism, and freelance software engineering.
These strategies won't work. Not because they are bad ways to make a living, but because the supply will quickly outsize the demand, no matter how good each worker is at programming, or how amazing each oceanic hotel is. Somebody has to grow the food for all these service and knowledge workers.
In short, we need economic diversity.
Below are some seasteading-based economic opportunities, arranged by their distinct advantages.
Goods and services needed by seasteaders.
These are sources of income that will improve with the number of people seasteading, rather than worsen. Success at such enterprises depends on the overall economic success of seasteads in general, but they also tend to foster skills that are valuable on land as well, as a fallback.
Infrastructure, ...and the tradespeople necessary to maintain it. Every environment has its challenges, and the world's oceans provide unique, and potentially labour-intensive ones. Maintaining infrastructure is a question of survival, so it can't just be neglected, and that maintenance includes a lot more plumbing and underwater welding per capita than land dwellings.
Furthermore, the current crop of aspiring seasteaders is over-represented by computer programmers and others with work-at-home skills. Either a lot of these people are going to need to learn a trade, or some major incentives and recruitment are going to be needed to launch a serious long term seastead.
*Security * While the 21st century is not exactly an age of piracy, some form of private defense is valuable. Being independent of any one country (or using a flag of convenience) means being free of both the rules AND the protection of that country. As Hong Kong has recently taught us, it's not always enough to simply be beneficial to your host nation.
Emergency services Say what you will about roads, but they are pretty good at carrying people in a hurry. For smaller seasteads, getting to a hospital in an emergency is a lot harder than getting there in an equivalent land dwelling. Medivac helicopters are an expensive and fuel-intensive means of reaching and moving patients, so there's an opportunity for ambulance boats.
More specifically, food security. Without a network of roads to carry large amounts of food from one part of a continent to another in hours or days, a loss of a local source can be much more problematic. That means food production may be harder or impossible to scale or consolidate as it has been in many places on land. That means many food sources will always be more expensive per calorie than on land, but also that aquaculture can provide more long-term employment per capita than land-based farms.
Computational resources
Internet access via satellite is available for now, but it's not a scalable solution. Most long-distance digital traffic is cable-based. Any seastead that finds a way to provide a stable internet connection, either by creating a branch to an existing transoceanic cable or by spooling their own cable out from the mainland, could quickly find itself to be a major hub. This is especially important considering the number of knowledge-based workers looking to seastead; more on that later.
Furthermore, maintaining large servers poses additional challenges because of the humidity, occasional movement, and electrical demands. Power production is a different beast on the sea; clean production is a lot easier than fossil-fuel or nuclear based because of its modularity.
Industries with advantages at sea.
These represent sources of income that have distinct economic advantages over land-based competitors. These could be related to ready access to the ocean, the flexibility of available space, the freedom from being fixed in one location, or the freedom from government impediments.
Related to being on the water
Plastic harvesting and related salvage. By anchoring something that skims the water surface in place against a reliable ocean current, collection and salvage of floating debris can be made very efficient. Using everything that is collected is more challenging, but that could itself be an opportunity for knowledge workers.
Aquaculture. There is already massive overfishing without people living on the sea, so aquaculture is going to be a must. Not just fishing and harvesting edible life from the seas, but cultivating the food. There's a lot to say about aquaculture and I'm not an expert by any means. However, one advantage of oceanic aquaculture worth noting is that there are large sections of the seas in which there is almost no life. These oceanic deserts could be re-seeded at minimal detriment, or even a net benefit to the environment.
Fresh water production. It's simple but energy-intensive to produce. Get yourself a floating solar still, and let the cash condense out of the air. Production of fresh water scales very well economically, because the surplus can be sold on land in many places.
Related to an abundance of space.
Carbon credits, and related geoengineering. Through an abundance of space and sunlight, otherwise infeasible means of fixing and storing carbon are possible. This includes cultivating carbon-hungry algae, but also energy-intensive air-to-fuel technologies like those being developed by Carbon Engineering and Global Thermostat.
Unlike many offset-based methods of claiming carbon credits like the ECX in the European Union, this could be backed up by physical delivery of the algae, fuel, or calcium carbonate pellets. One issue with this that fixing carbon and then dumping it in the ocean could make things works by contributing to ocean acidification. Proceed with caution.
Related to being independent of land-based nations
Biotech, such as drug discovery and medical procedures. How's that stem-cell research going? How about artificial meat? Is your local government holding back the things that you or the planet need to survive? There's a lot of good reasons why restrictions and regulations on these fields exist, but there's a lot of reasons that are just lobbying and legacy.
Related to having flexibility of location.
Knowledge work. A few of these were mentioned at the beginning of the article, but these aren't the only types of knowledge work that could be done from anywhere with an internet connection. There's also translation, writing, consulting, and many forms of research and education.
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Weekly news review (July 13-19)

Weekly news review (July 13-19)
Hi everyone! Come take a look at last week's news highlights!

Police in eastern China busted a bitcoin mining operation following a surge in local electricity usage, according to a wire report from Agence France-Press.
The police, who confiscated 4,000 “mining devices,” allege the mining farm misappropriated nearly 20 million yuan ($3 million) in electricity costs. The investigators learned of the theft from a local power provider.
Investigators allege more than 20 people participated in this particular mining operation.
Bitcoin mining is still popular in China. Coinshare, an investment platform, published a report that found 50 percent of the global bitcoin computing power was located in southern China.

Ohio-based professional basketball team the Cleveland Cavaliers (The Cavs), along with its associated esports club Cavs Legion GC, have partnered with the cryptocurrency firm UnitedCoin.
The partnership will reportedly be used to advertise UnitedCoin and provide the Cavs with an inroad to the fintech sector via cryptocurrency. For the Cavs, one aspect of this partnership will reportedly be LED signage inside Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse during Cavs games.
The Cavs Legion will reportedly advertise UnitedCoin as its official cryptocurrency partner. Within NBA 2K, this means that UnitedCoin will be displayed on the team’s in-game home court. The Cavs Legion will also put UnitedCoin’s brand on social media, as per the announcement.

The Bitcoin (BTC) price has dipped below the $10,000 price mark on July 16, while all top 20 coins by market cap were seeing significant losses.
Bitcoin has dipped below $10,000 threshold for the second time this month after the biggest cryptocurrency broke a multi-month high above $13,700 on June 26. After Bitcoin attempted another recovery to reach nearly $11,000 on July 15, the major coin has dropped to $9,616 at press time, down 8.22% over the past 24 hours. The biggest cryptocurrency is down more than 22% over the past 7 days.

Self-proclaimed electrification, automation and digitalization global giant Siemens has shown an interest in adopting blockchain-based solutions. In particular, Siemens is exploring the use of blockchain in the transportation industry, as per a report by Forbes on July 15.
According to Siemens Corporate Technology’s head of cybersecurity and blockchain, Andreas Kind, Siemens is looking to incorporate blockchain tech into carsharing via Siemens Mobility — one of Siemens’ subsidiaries.
One issue with this system, says Kind, is with the associated fueling cards, which allow the car renters to refill on gas. However, using the card is subject to a number of restrictions on the customer end e.g. they can only use the card at specific stations and they are sometimes stolen. Kind said he believes that this type of technology could be improved via a blockchain solution.

Eastern European country Bulgaria has suffered the biggest data breach in its history that compromised personal and financial information of 5 million adult citizens out of its total population of 7 million people.
According to multiple sources in local Bulgarian media, an unknown hacker earlier this week emailed them download links to 11GB of stolen data which included taxpayer's personal identifiable numbers, addresses, and financial data.
As consequences of the incident, Bulgaria's NRA tax agency is now facing a fine of up to 20 million euros ($22.43 million) or 4% of the agency's annual turnover over the data breach, said Prof. Veselin Tselkov, a member of the Commission for Personal Data Protection.

Have anything to say? Feel free to do so in the comments section below!
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So I did 23 Shoreline Bitcoin Farm Runs... these are the Results

Hi Reddit!

I went on Shoreline with a friend fully equipt like 5 times to farm some cash and checked the Rooms: E310,E306,E222/E226,E205/E206,W220,W221
We didnt find ANY bitcoins. So I was wondering wth is going on. Are we just unlucky or is it so hard to find these things these days, because I saw Youtube Videos (Pestily, Deadly to name some of them) where they went out of a Shoreline Run with 3 Bitcoins and i think sometimes even more. Pestily adviced to farm all the Safe´s on Shoreline as well, but to this point I think I looted like 100 Safe´s and never got a bitcoin, I think I found 1 goldchain out of a safe this wipe thats it.
If u have a decent Attention Skill Lvl (mine is only 11) i guess u could easily find more but skilling is a pain right now.
(Hope they double triple or even x10 the Skillsystem just till its completly released)
So I took my APB silenced a scav backpack and a silent server and went on evening/night raids on shoreline to only run to the best Bitcoin Rooms (afaik) E310, E222/E226, E205/206 and W220.
23 Times (of maybe 40 Raids) I was the first one @ all of these rooms!
I found a total of:

14 x Goldchains
9 x BITCOINS!!!!
6 x Roler
6 x Cat
6 x Lion
4 x Silver Badges
4 x Rooster
2 x Clock

I didnt track the Chainlets, Horse Figurines or the loose Money...
I know its a very small sample Size but for me its just gets very booring at some point ;)
So I Just bought the Rest missing bitcoins from the Fleamarket and bought myself that juicy THICC Case ;)

To do the Math (even small samplesize) or
Chance to find a Bitcoin if youre first on all the 4 Locations (E310,E222/E226,E205/206,W220) ~39%
Chance for Goldchain ~60%
Clock ~ 9%
Lion or Cat ~ 26%

Some Sidenotes:
I had one Raid where I didnt find any of the higher Valuables mentioned above.
The best Raid was: 1x Goldchain, 1x Bitcoin and 2 Lions
Second place: 2 Goldchain, 1 Bitcoin, 1 Rooster
I had 5 Raids in a Row with no Bitcoin
Only Once i found 2 Goldchains in one Raid, I had 2 Raids where I found 2 Lions and one Raid with 2 Cats found
My advice is: if u wanna farm Bitcoins and u have a decent skilllvl in Strength go for it. But i´d rather go for the good Keyspawns on Shoreline. The Lighthouse Key is still worth ~1 million and that is currently 5-6 Bitcoins.
If u run to every decent keyspawn spot on Shoreline I guess u gonna make way more money than with the Bitcoin farming... Thanks to the flea market.
At least this is what im going to do next wipe... now i have enough money and my lovley case to just kill people or get killed :)

So thanks for reading and happy shootin' everyone!

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The end scenario for the buttchain

Global total mining reward for buttcoin begins to decrease.
Some miners quit, difficulty goes down. It is good for bitcoin, as everyone keeps talking about how much electricity it uses and how it should be banned.
Under the perpetual smog in a Chinese industrial park, a set of warehouses full of mining hardware scales down, running at partial capacity and selling off some parts of the cooling system (the actual mining hardware finds no buyers, and a regular server farm does not move in as the location is unfavorable for the high bandwidth internet). The mining operation is eventually stopped entirely, but the warehouse is carefully mothballed, for it is not done.
No new ASICs can be made at smaller scaling - the mining reward is not large enough to employ expensive engineers.
Everything goes smoothly at first, the butters continue to trade shitcoins for shitcoins, scamming one another, and being sorry for each other's losses. Bitcoin jumps up and down; increasingly large fraction of bitcoins is lost from the market, so the total supply is much smaller, helping combat the decrease in demand. The forkers keep forking, the scammers keep scamming, the fools keep being foolish.
A view of the same industrial park, under a sky that may be slightly cleaner than the last time (It is hard to tell the difference; maybe you are just convincing yourself that it got better). It is shortly after dawn, when the warehouse is at it's coldest.
Mothballed warehouses full of ASICs wake up one last time, reclaiming the glory of the olden days. Dusty fans spin up. Some capacitors pop, some magic smoke escapes, some sparks fly, but the bulk of the system comes online. It was very well made, back in the day when miners could afford competent engineers. It has more hashing power, by far, than the rest of the network, but it is running at a loss, and it is now overheating. An unusual command resonates through the warehouses, raising the clock frequency, decreasing efficiency per hash.
It can't run for long.
It does it's work in the final exit scam and shuts down, this time for good.
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[SPOILERS S03E09] Theory for the Dark Army network map and Whiterose's plan/stage 3

Bonsoir everyone,
I don't know if this theory have been explored before, so bear with me if it had. It's about the server screenshot sawn during the last episode, when Elliot hacks into the Dark Army network.
I know the admitted explanation for the map these days is that it is some sort of botnet network, used in ddos-type attacks by the dark army, but what annoyed me with this idea from the start is the weird distribitution of those sites.
I couldn't understand why would the dark army have almost no server in India or Europe, but so many in Australia, or over the African continent. In terms of things like internet bandwith, structural accessibility and cost, wich I'd say matter in cyberwarfare, it made no sense to me. I mean who in his right mind would decide to deploy that many servers accross the Sahara.
But considering the events of this season, and the technological reality behind actual cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, I came up with a possible explanation concerning this disposition, and Whiterose's plans concerning Ecorp and Ecoin.
Here are two bitcoin related videos that allowed me to formule a new theory, for those of you who are interested in that type of stuff:
For those who aren't, here are the essential points for my theory :
  1. Bitcoin, or any other type of cryptocurrency, can be procuded by resolving complexe mathematical equations with computers. The complexity of those equations rises exponentially through time, and so does the time and electricity needed to do so. That's the reason why today bitcoin production, called mining, has a power consumption ranked 61st in the world.
  2. What it means is that it is today already cost-prohibiting for you to start mining bitcoin at home, no matter how many graphic cards you add in your pc. In fact, the only serious way to mine bitcoin efficiently and at an relevant scale is to dispose of free, or at least unused, electricity. That's the reason why so many bitcoin mining sites are believed to be located throughout China, in proximity to it's many hydro-electric infrastructures. (Damn girl, that's big).
  3. But hydro-electric plants aren't the only type of infrastructures that produce electricity at almost zero costs, once constructed. The same thing is true with solar power plants. And if you check this global map of optimal exposition for solar panels, you'll see that Australia, the Shahara and the entire west coast of the American continent are some of the best locations for solar energy efficency.
If you combine those two geographic notions, and decide to deploy a global crypto-mining network in order to produce and own a massive amount of bitcoin, or Ecoin for that matter, I'd say you'd end up with a very similar type of map to the one seen on the dark army server.
This idea also happens imo to justify the behavior of Whiterose this season, concerning Ecorp recovery after the hacks, and the establishment of Ecoin as the new everyday life money in the US.
My theory is that she has planned since the beginning to mine and control a massive amount of Ecoin. Now that the world economy has been wounded and pushed into cryptocurrencies by the attacks, with no possibility to turn back, stage 3 of WR's plan can begin : fliping the global balance, by giving China economic domination over the US, and thus the rest of the world.
Anyway, as always I can't appreciate enough how the show masters the ability to be both technologically and socially relevant, warning us about the dangers our society is potentially already facing. Please tell me what you think, I'd love some discussion about all this. #tellmeyoureseeingthistoo
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Facebook’s Libra won’t be as power-hungry as Bitcoin

Libra, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, is expected to have a smaller environmental footprint compared to some of its more notorious blockchain brethren, including bitcoin, according to experts. Its energy demands are projected to be more like those of existing data centers — which, while still demanding, aren’t quite as energy-hungry as mining bitcoins.
The currency hasn’t launched yet, so it’s hard to know how those claims will stack up against reality. But its design — more centralized than most cryptocurrencies — means that Libra will likely draw less energy. Unlike its more decentralized peers, only a few trusted members of the Libra Association, the centralized hub for the currency, can create Libra.
“This is an order of magnitude more efficient than bitcoin will ever be,” says Ulrich Gallersdörfer, a researcher at Technical University of Munich focused on blockchain research. Gallersdörfer was the co-author on a recent paper in Joule30255-7) finding that bitcoin operations emit more climate-warming gas than the country of Jordan.
Bitcoin uses so much energy because people who want to hold the cryptocurrency have to compete for it. That means bitcoin mining operations need huge amounts of computing power to snag a single coin, and to stay in the running, they all need to be running a set of complicated problems all at once. That uses a huge amount of energy every year — in 2018, researchers estimated that bitcoin used about as much energy as Ireland.
By contrast, Libra is designed so that an algorithm issues units of the cryptocurrency in proportion to the size of a company’s initial deposit into the system. That’s still a lot to keep track of, but it’s nowhere near as complicated as a mining operation. Instead, it’s more like… normal data centers. Now, data centers draw power, too. In fact, data centers accounted for 2 percent of the total US energy usage in 2014, a 2016 study published by the DOE found. And they’re also responsible for about as many carbon dioxide emissions as the airline industry. But despite those drawbacks, these specially designed warehouses of servers are the rocks on which tech giants like Facebook continue to build and expand their digital empire.
“Facebook or other companies will have to set up servers, will have to run the software, will have to validate transactions. But that’s not really anything different to running regular services for or for WhatsApp,” Gallersdörfer says.
Facebook has made concerted efforts to make their centers more sustainable, but the energy demand prompted by Libra might be a useful way to generally consider how to make data centers less environmentally terrible. The easiest thing to do is make sure that the existing resources are used efficiently — so that might mean more efficient hardware. But it also means considering the vast amounts of water used to cool servers: in a lot of cases that fresh water flows through the system and gets discarded, a horrifying waste, especially in areas with water shortages.
One way to meet the challenge in a water-scarce world is to reuse water as often as possible, says Emilio Tenuta, vice president of sustainability at Ecolab. But water can’t be reused forever in cooling systems. As it gets heated and moves through the pipes, salts and other contaminants — think of scale from hard water forming in a bathroom — can build up in the machinery, making it less efficient. But by constantly monitoring and treating the water as it goes through a system, companies like Ecolab hope they can recirculate water through cooling systems as often as possible, reducing the amount of water used in data centers overall.
Making existing centers more efficient is great, but products on the scale of Libra could mean new data centers — and where they are matters. Companies could save themselves (and the world) a lot of environmental angst by simply looking for better locations to put data centers in the first place, Katrina Kelly-Pitou says.
Kelly-Pitou, an urban systems strategist with architecture and engineering firm SmithGroup, says that companies should look for places with trained software engineers — to keep the servers running smoothly — and abundant, low-carbon power sources. By relying on a nearby hydroelectric dam, wind farm, or nuclear plant instead of coal or natural gas, data centers could dramatically cut their carbon footprint. That’s because ultimately, every data center relies on the energy grid. And that’s where many current data centers are falling short.
“The area where we’re failing, in the United States, is cleaning our power supply, and ensuring that we have clean energy to power the economic development that we want,” Kelly-Pitou says.
Libra hasn’t launched. We don’t know if it will take off. But for it to even get off the ground, it will need data centers — and developing greener data centers, and a lower-carbon energy grid to power them is something that could pay off no matter what.
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"Ultimately, has many of the red flags we associate with ICO scams."

Credits ICO: Mobile Mining Platform Supports Green Energy? "Ultimately, has many of the red flags we associate with ICO scams." via @bitcoinsguide
" is a cryptocurrency mining app that claims to support green energy initiatives. Here’s our review.
What Is The Credits ICO? Credits is a mobile mining app that lets you mine credits on “low”, “medium”, or “high” settings.
You can download the app today for free for Android (an iOS version is listed as “coming soon”). The mining feature is expected to go live starting in May 2018.
The goal of is to build sustainable, green energy projects. As the official website explains, “credits will be building green energy & sustainable projects that give 10% of profits to various charities.”
Meanwhile, users will be able to cash out their credits through direct deposit. Cashing out is expected to go live in summer 2018.
A pre-ICO for Credits tokens (CRED) is underway throughout March and April 2018. The price is set at $0.005 per Credit, or $1 USD = 200 CRED.
Overall, there’s very limited information about available online. There’s a very small whitepaper, for example, with no team information and little information about how the project works. The platform vaguely mentions investing in solar and wind energy but doesn’t provide many specific details. This is unusual for a company seeking to raise millions of dollars through an ICO.
What Problems Does Seek To Solve? seeks to solve all of the following problems with today’s cryptocurrency industry:
Speed of Transactions: Credits claims that cryptocurrency transactions take too long. They specifically reference the bitcoin and Ethereum network, where transactions can take over 10 minutes to be completed. Obviously, there are other cryptocurrencies that can complete transactions within milliseconds, although doesn’t mention this in their whitepaper.
Volatility: “Bitcoin is backed by absolutely nothing,” explains the whitepaper. This leads to enormous volatility. will solve volatility – although they don’t explain how they plan to do that.
Ease of Use: It’s not easy to jump into the cryptocurrency industry as a layperson. wants to change that.
Cashing Out: “Cashing bitcoin out is confusing,” explains the official whitepaper. you need to export your bitcoin into an online wallet then wait 2 to 3 business days. aims to speed up this process, offering easy cashing out for users.
Obviously, these are enormous and vague problems that occur across the entire cryptocurrency industry.
How Does Credits Work? aims to solve all of the problems listed above. First, the company’s Credits will have their own “network servers to ensure speed and stability supplemented by its users to ensure reliability,” explains the official whitepaper.
Meanwhile, 10% of proceeds will be given to charity projects.
Users will also be able to purchase Credits directly through the platform using conventional payment methods. You can visit today to purchase Credits.
Meanwhile, plans to solve volatility “by investing in green energy and sustainable projects that earn residual income.” will use the income generated from these projects “to improve our technology thus generating cashflow in the tech arena as well.”
Credits use the CryptoNight algorithm for maximum anonymity. Basically, you mine Credits through your Android or iOS mobile app. Then, those Credits are used to fund sustainable projects around the world.
Some of the projects mentioned on the official website include solar energy projects, wind energy farms, and agriculture operations. The whitepaper provides a specific example of all three projects:
Solar Energy: Credits is creating a “Solar Farm Project” that expects to generate 25 megawatts of power on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. This power will be sold, and the income will be used to “maintain the Credits ecosystem while simultaneously increasing the value of your Credits holdings.”
Wind Energy: Credits will create a Wind Farm Project that will produce 40 megawatts of power on the outskirts of Denver. The company plans to use Vestas turbines.
Agricultural Operations: will launch a large-scale organic hydroponic greenhouse operation on the outskirts of Denver. They plan to mass produce tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, eggplants, carrots, potatoes, and more.
About The Credits ICO is selling its CRED tokens (listed under the trading ticker CX) at a price of $0.005 during the pre-ICO, or $1 USD = 200 CRED.
By the time the main Credits ICO begins, the company is doubling the price of each token up to $0.01 apiece. An exchange rate of 1 ETH = 100,000 CRED is also mentioned in the whitepaper.
The token sale began in March 2018. It appears to be continuing until all tokens are sold. You’ll need to send ETH or BTC to the company’s wallets as posted on
The Credits team claims the price of each CRED token can be expected to “grow rapidly” as soon as April 2018. However, it’s unclear why they expect the price to suddenly rise.
Who’s Behind Credits? is organized under the name Credits LLC. The website features an article of organization for the company that you can view here. That document appears to show that Credits LLC is a legitimate company registered in the State of Colorado. The company is registered under the name “Fair Trade LLC”. The registration document includes a Denver, Colorado address.
Listed members of the team include Luke Ingraham (CEO and Founder). Luke has owned and operated a successful private crypto investment firm for the past 21 months. He’s also mined cryptocurrency since 2013. You can view his LinkedIn page here.
Luke’s previous listed experience includes positions as CEO of Lucrative Enterprises (September 2015 to December 2016) and CEO of Fair Trade, LLC (from July 2016 to present).
Other listed members of the team include Geoff Williams (CFO) and Bidhan Baral (Android and iOS app developer).
Credits ICO Conclusion Credits aims to launch a cryptocurrency called Credits (also known as CRED or CX). These tokens will be used to purchase a stake in three renewable energy projects in developing around Denver, Colorado, including a wind farm, a solar energy farm, and an agricultural operation. By purchasing CRED tokens, you can earn profits from the success of these operations. Income generated by these three projects will be shared with token holders. appears to be open and honest about its location and team information. However, there are some unusual things about the project. The whitepaper is just 12 short pages long, for example, and explains limited information about the company. There are no specific details about the three renewable energy projects posted online. We have no reason to believe they’ll ever be completed, for example, and there’s no evidence that any members of the team have previously built any type of green energy operations.
Despite the complete lack of information, is attempting to raise millions of dollars through an ICO in March and April 2018. They claim the price of Credits tokens will experience “rapid growth” within weeks of the ICO – although it’s unclear where this sudden rise of value will come from.
Ultimately, has many of the red flags we associate with ICO scams...."
note: they do have at least i las vegas phone number and their twitter profile has been advertising as being in las vegas nv
shade shade and more shade
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The MINEDBLOCK..... mining as a service

The MINEDBLOCK..... mining as a service
About MinedBlock
MinedBlock gives mining organizations as a thing where the firm arrangements with all the apparatus and ensures that they are working in a perfect world for the length of the day with low working costs and high capability. This crypto mining firm can give this element of diligent work as they will dispatch a mining office that underlines on mining the top altcoins by market capitalization to guarantee a wide extent of pay streams for clients. Using this broad scale mining task, MinedBlock will help with improving the decentralization of altcoins and moreover redesign its own one of a kind decentralization by methods for the worldwide movement of server ranches. MinedBlock offers the open entryway for theorists to misuse using the advantages from a gigantic scale mining action, mining various crypto assets without the need to buy, mastermind and keep up exorbitant mining equipment.
The mindblock Mission
"Our vision is to transformed into an important player in the advanced cash field and for MinedBlock to have a basic bit of the system required to process trades and mint new crypto assets. This will enable our theorists to secure a tremendous rate of productivity while we use a compelling improvement technique to position ourselves as the 'Amazon' of the crypto mining industry"
What MinedBlock Proposes
A key principle that is driving MinedBlock is ensuring that clients get the most extraordinary components of straightforwardness. From this time forward, the firm will be totally open with respect to their game plans, salary age, and nonstop mining advancement. Like dashboards and minute updates will be used to show the latest hash rates in general advanced types of cash being mined similarly as foreseen earnings with MBTX tokens. MinedBlock is furthermore devoted to trim its mining adventures around customer analysis, which
MBTX Token
The utility token, MBTX, will be sold in the midst of the ICO to dispatch the MinedBlock organization. This token will go about as the key for getting to and paying for MinedBlock organizations. Nevertheless, the gathering rushed to take note of that they wear various any affirmation or certification on the future esteem capacity of this non-mintable ERC-20 token.
Mining Strategy
MinedBlock will ceaselessly screen mining activities and switch between altcoins when the accomplishment rate and inconvenience differ. The conceivable target will keep up the most extraordinary efficiency in the midst of their errands to manufacture advantages and farthest point resource wastage. The firm will in like manner choose if using existing mining pools or depending without any other individual hash rate will convey the best yield.
Concerning, Mineblock will pass on a mix of revamping GPU mining units close by ASIC rigs. All mining hardware will be displaced and traded as frequently as would be prudent while using particular ASIC suppliers to avoid any centralization and moreover to redesign the conventional assortment of clients.
For the region, air and power costs are basic considerations near to the political social occasion of the encouraging country. The primary mining farm will use ASIC BCH and bitcoin mining units and it will be encouraged in an Iceland office where the power expenses and air are precious. Meanwhile, the GPU contraptions will be set up in the UK at first, before being transported to workplaces in either Canada, Sweden or Iceland.
Token Model
- The mindblock Dual Token Model
MinedBlock uses two particular tokens in our movement model which is contained a Security Token enabling a simple income and a Utility Token which engages access to remuneration as you go mining organization. More Details beneath:

ICO Details Token: MBTX Platform: Ethereum Total token supply: 400 million Accepted currencies: BCH, LTC, USD, ETH, and BTC Minimum investment: $300
Token Distribution We don't have a Cap on a most extreme supply at this stage. The idea of the task is with the end goal that the more prominent the number of tokens sold the bigger the underlying administration will be along these lines it is in all gatherings intrigue not to confine the most extreme probability.
Tokens will be Disseminated as Underneath:
Referral bounty: 1.5 million Free airdrops: 5 million Retained tokens for future company incentives: 13.5 million Founders: 15 million Public sale: 365 million
Distribution of ICO Funding Mining equipment; 80% Datacenter build: 10% Reserve: 10%
Revenue Distribution Distributed to MBTX holders: 75% Expansion costs: 10% Operational expenses: 10% MBTX buyback: 5% Roadmap 2018 Q1 Project Concept Defined
Q2 Company Registration Team Formed Original Whitepaper Written Q3 ICO Presale Begin
Q4 ICO Halted – Changed to STO Whitepaper Version 3 Airdrop & Bounties Ended SEC Exemption Filed 2019 Q1 Security Token Offering Starts Q2 Security Token Offering Ends Data Centre Build Begins Hardware Ordered Q3 Mining Starts First Dividends Paid Exchange Listings
Q4 Mining Expansion starts Investor Dashboard Launched
2020 Q1
Solar Farm Location Search Design of Solar Facilities Q2 Application for Solar Development Permission Solar Funding Round Q3 Solar Farm Build Planning for second Mining Farm Location Q4 Second Mining Farm Build The MinedBlock Team Members Founding Team Advisors - Paul Bishop Co-Founder & COO Greg Wales Co-Founder & CEO Kamal Mustafa Advisor
Ruhin Khan Marketing Consultant Matt Ruff CSO For more information, please visit the following links: Website:
Whitepaper: BountyOx username: cryptounique
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❗️Main spring event prior Blockchain week in NYC❗️

❗️Main spring event prior Blockchain week in NYC❗️
This is seasonal Bitcoin and Crypto mining meetup, associated with the BCMA (Blockchain Crypto Mining Association) and created in cooperation with NYC Blockchain Center.
The Main purpose of the meetup is to share strategies and information ranging from server farm design and construction, electricity costs, ASIC and GPU procurement, mining pools, and emerging trends in the industry, new technologies and opportunities for the investments
Following topics will be covered:
  • Future of the business — how to switch to the industrial mining
  • Best location for mining in USA. Creating of new data centers
  • New equipment for Dash / Zcash / Grin: whether you should purchase it or not
  • Second life of GPU mining, useful calculations market
  • Mining coin advertising
6:30 pm wine bar and post reception.
You can find more info about us checking our website and telegram group:👇
Special guests :
🔹Igor Soshkin - Marketing Director of Bitcoin Diamond
🔹Steve Rubakh - СEO of public company “Integrated Ventures”
🔹Arseniy Grusha - North East director of BCMA and CEO Mining pool &
👉 Please contact us for more info via telegram 929–253–9543
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[Updated] How many Irish Subs are there really?

E: 2 hours it took for this to need a new one added - New Count 619 620 623 625 632
This time last year I made this post and had uncovered 500+ Irish related subs on reddit, from the abandoned to the large.
Below is the updated list, now including some of the Discord Servers & useful other external links (although not counted) and the count stands at 618 619 620 623 625 632 plus some redirects/banned subs/karma farms. I have also included some of the American Subs that could be mistaken for Irish just for information.
As you can see from the notations many, many of them are inactive but it's more about finding as many of them as possible than anything else.
If anyone knows of, or can find, new ones not listed below throw them in the comments and I'll add them to the list. A rich vein of new ones are towns etc, people from Ireland (bands etc) and products.
To anyone who owns a sub...put a description in the bleedin' sidebar!
If you find a sub you might like to resurrect you can head over the /redditrequest and request to take it over. See their sidebar for full rules and process.
(P) = Currently Private Sub
(O) = Out of Use
(m) = Authors Notation
(NI) = Northern Ireland
(R) = Redirects

Visiting & Moving to Ireland

General Discords

Irish Language/ As Gaeilge Subs

History & Heritage

Media, Music & Art

Media Discussion
News Subs
Media Creatives
Underground Film & Music
Art, Design & Visual

IT, Developers & Tech

Data & Crypto
PC Parts
  • See below


Womens Issues

Health & Well-being Issues

Education Subs

Second Level
Third Level
Clubs/ Societies & College Interests

Political Parties/ Discussion

Political Issues
Political Satire
Pol Discords

Model Government & Related Subs

Model Houses & Parties
Model Media
Model Meta & Misc

Religion & Religious Issues


Fans Subs
Other Sports


Legal, Financial & Property

Bargains & For Sale
Earn Credit



Hobbies & Interests

Drug Culture
Board Gaming
Computer Gaming
Tech Interests
Food & Drink
Dating & Social Groups
Outdoor Activities
Weapons Enthusiasts
Fun Subs
Places to Moan
Fandom Subs
Celtic Subs
NSFW Adulty Subs
Meta & Alternative Ireland Subs
Misc Defunct/ Unknown Content

Ireland not local enough for ya? Subscribe to:


Cities/ Towns/ Townlands
Northern Ireland
Ex-Pat Communities


Not Irish Subs

  • Irish Subs Count: 618 619 620 623 625 632
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I Built a Crypto Mining Farm in My Garage  How To Setup a ... Building a Cryptocurrency Mining Farm / Genesis Mining # ... Genesis Mining Server Farm Set-up A look inside America's largest Bitcoin mining operation ... Crypto Mining Farm at Apartment  January 2020 Update ...

It was originally simply called “Bitcoin Pooled Mining Server” or BPMS for short. Since the launch, the pool has had its ups and downs but things have been mostly positive recently. Satoshi Labs run Slush Pool. You may also know Satoshi Labs from their work on Trezor, the first Bitcoin hardware wallet and Coinmap, a world map outlining which merchants accept Bitcoin. They also invented the ... How Bitcoin Mining Works. Where do bitcoins come from? With paper money, a government decides when to print and distribute money. Bitcoin doesn't have a central government. With Bitcoin, miners use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a smart way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more people to mine ... Bitcoin Server Farm Locations; Canada's Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Used To Farm Fish bitcoin server farm locations home office tax deduction furniture And Crops! Nikkei 225 Index Symbol. Sie können in der Mining-Software auch Ihre Adresse bei hinterlegen. Anbieter für Wallets finden Sie im Internet genauso wie bei den Miningpools. Suchen Sie nach „Bitcoin wallet“, Our mining farm is suited in multiple data center locations around the world with high-speed mining and up to 100% uptime. We provide a referral program for every user. When you become a member of QuickBTC you will get a 20% affiliate bonus as joining bonus and if you want to earn more referral commission than you need to upgrade your plan and you will be able to earn up to 100% referral bonus..

[index] [31658] [50572] [17803] [44698] [20705] [41804] [36631] [3329] [31170] [39678]

I Built a Crypto Mining Farm in My Garage How To Setup a ...

The virtual goldrush to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies leads us to Central Washington state where a Bitcoin mine generates roughly $70,000 a day min... August 2020 Update - January 2020 Update on my Crypto Mining Farm at my Apartment. I'll be going over my mining rigs, my cpu rig... 👇 Die wichtigsten Kryptoseiten in der Beschreibung 👇 Heute stelle ich euch die besten Bitcoin Miner vor. Die Miner aus dem Video kaufen: Iceland - May 2017. On behalf of Genesis Mining, Head of Operations Philip Salter explains the challenges of building a cryptocurrency mining farm! Check out... Buy a Antminer S17 on Amazon? Hmm... - Get One Of These Guys Instead! - Get An Amazon Basics Shelf For Mining - ...